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Risk Assessment

Portfolio Analysis is the evaluation of risk to large numbers of properties. Karma2go® uses CATmandu® to estimate the business impact of California earthquakes and U.S. coastal hurricanes.

karma2go, LLC (K2GO) uses probabilistic and engineering methods to realistically evaluate the performance of structures under specified catastrophic conditions. K2GO combines custom developed catastrophe modeling software with advanced structural analysis tools and extensive engineering, climatological and geological databases to perform these evaluations.


CATmandu is an advanced catastrophe modeling tool developed by K2GO. CATmandu uses science and engineering models and databases to analyze the effects of earthquakes and hurricanes on client portfolios. By using reliable tools and technologies, this sophisticated software produces better business information for insurers, reinsurers, property owners and risk managers.

This includes:

  • Ground-up losses
  • Gross losses
  • Reinsurance losses
  • Confidence and uncertainty
  • Probable maximum loss (PML)
  • Maximum foreseeable loss (MFL)
  • Annualized loss

Benefits of Portfolio Analysis

K2GO’s Portfolio Analysis Service provides detailed information about financial losses and business interruption due to catastrophes. This information can be used to make better business decisions. Brokers, insurers, reinsurers, risk managers, investors, and property owners all benefit from the use of this technology, as shown in the following table:

All Users
  • Better business decisions
  • Improved risk management
Property Owner/Risk Manager
  • Understanding of risks to company operations
  • Ability to create and test disaster plans
  • Improved business recovery planning
  • Protection against loss of market share
  • Protection of operations from “bottle necking” due to critical facility loss
  • Improved marketability of risk
Financial Institutions
  • Exposure Identification
  • Identification of high risk properties
  • Improved financial management and risk transfer