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Risk Assessment

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karma2go, LLC (K2GO) offers a unique combination of engineering and technological expertise to provide its clients with advanced risk management and analysis services. Using sophisticated structural analysis tools, custom developed catastrophe modeling software and extensive databases, K2GO is able to assess the risk to properties from both natural and man-made perils.


K2GO takes a new approach to risk analysis by applying proven engineering, scientific and software techniques to insurance and financial catastrophic risk assessment. K2GO uses advanced engineering techniques such as non-linear structural analysis to model the physical damage to a facility. This allows K2GO to isolate the location and amount of potential damage to a structure subjected to a given catastrophic event. By using this type of specific damage information, IF can more reasonably model the costs of structural repair, business interruption and contents loss.


K2GO offers worldwide Single-Site Analysis for any property, subject to most perils. This service is appropriate for properties of substantial financial or operational value. The analysis includes:

  • Performing a site-specific hazard analysis to probabilistically quantify triggering events
  • Creating a 3-dimensional computer model of the property
  • Analyzing damage estimates due to the triggering events
  • Coupling hazard with damage to assess losses
  • Optimization and decision analysis

K2GO offers worldwide Cluster Analysis for any conglomeration of properties, subject to most perils. This service is appropriate for owners that have clusters of properties in a geographical region. The service includes the steps outlined in single-site analysis for each typical property in the cluster. Damage and loss estimates are extrapolated from the single-site analysis data.


K2GO provides Portfolio Analysis Service to analyze large numbers of properties exposed to hazardous risk. This service includes:

  • Compiling client-provided information on the properties
  • Performing earthquake and wind hazard impact analysis to generate damage estimates
  • Analyzing damage estimates to produce a financial impact analysis